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Fundamental of Multimedia

  • PC Vendor : a PC that has sound capability, a dvd room drive, and perhaps the superiority of multimedia enabled microprocessors that understand additional multimedia instruction
  • Customer entertaiment vendor : interactive cable TV with hundreds of digital channels available or a cable TC like service delivered order a high-speed internet connection
  • Computer sciens students : application that use multiple modalities, including text, image, graphics, animation, video, sound including speech, and interactivity 

  1. Newspaper : first media mass communication medium use text, graphic, and image
  2. Motion picture : conceived of in 1830 in order to observe motion too rapid for perception by the human eye
  3. Wireless Radio Transmission : Guglielmo Marconi, at Pontecchio Italy, in 1895
  4. Television : the new medium for the 20th century establish video as a commonly available medium, and has since changed the world of mass communication
  5. The connection between comp, and ideas about multimedia covers what is actually only a short period  : components of multimedia, current multimedia project, multimedia research topic ,and project
                  - Components
                                        a. Video telconfrencing
                                        b. Tele-medicine
                                        c. Distributed lectures for higher education
                                        d. Audio cues
                                        e. Voice recognition
                  - Research
                                  a. Multimedia Processing & coding : mm content analysis, content-based, mm retrieval, mm security, audio/image video processing, compression.
                                  b. Multirmedia System & networking : network protocols, internet,operating system, server, and client QoS, and database.

                                  c. Multimedia Tools, End System & Application : hypermedia system user interface, and authoring system.

                                  d. Multimedia Model interaction & integration : "ubiquily" web- everywhere device, mm education including computer supported collaborative learning and design and application or virtual enviroments.

                 - Project
1. Camera-based objet tracking technology :
    Tracking of the control objects provides user control of the process
2. 3D Motion capture :
    Use for multiple actor capture so that multimedia real actors in  a virtual studio can be used to automatically produce redlistic animated model with to natural movement
3. Multiple views :
    Allowing photo-realistic (video-quality) synthesis of virtual actor from several cameras or from a single camera under differing lighting
4. 3D Capture technology :
    Allow synthesis of highly realistic facial animation from speech
5. Specific Multimedia Application :
   Animed at handicapped persons with low vision capabillity and the el derly
6. Digital Fashion :
    Aims to develop smart clothing that can communicate with other such enhcanced clothing using wireless communication so as to artifically entrance human interactive in a social setting

7. Electronic housecall system :
    An initiative for providing interactive health monitoring services to patients in their hornes
8. Augremented Interaction Applicarion :
   Used to develop interfaces between real & virtual humans for task such as augmented storytelling

Why Need Multimedia
  • Computer technology research
  • Change our workplace
  • Change our shopping ways
  • Change our business ways
  • Change our way to get information
  • Change our learning methods

Criteria of Multimedia
  1. Perception medium : get information from seeing & hearing. Representative space : real , representative value : self contained & predefined symbol set, representative dimensions : time dependent & independent.
  2. Representation medium : data representation
  3. Presentation medium : tool & device used to process the information i/o
  4. Storage medium : DVD, MMC, SDCard, HD, CD ROOM, Microfilm
  5. Transmission medium : wired/wireless
  6. Information exchange medium : storage media & transmission media

    Multimedia System
             A multimedia system supports the integrated storage, transmission, and representation of the discrete media types text, graphics, and image, and the continous media types audio & video digital computer.

    Multimedia Component
    • Equipment
    • Equipment tool
    • Media / Link
    • Method / manner

    • Digital video editing & production system
    • Electronic newspaper / magazine
    • World Wide Web
    • Home shopping
    • Interactive TV
    • Multimedia courseware

    1. Attractive / interesting
    2. High quality delivery
    3. Interactive

      1. High bandwith
      2. High storage
      3. Miss information

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